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Terry and bed linen
The quality of our products is the guarantee of satisfaction. The loyalty of our customers leads to a constant growth.

We guarantee::

  • high quality products
  • flexibility, what concerns special customers
  • quality check
  • high quality of coloring
  • great services
  • environmentally friendly.

How to take care of bathrobes and towels with Velvet surface?
Soak before washing.
Wash at recommended temperature.
Before washing turn the bathrobe  inside out to the underside and dry in the air.
We do not recommend ironing of the velour surface – it comes to the flattening of piles.
Do not pull out the loose loops, but easily cut them off.

Our tip for everyday washing and drying of terry
For a few first washing cycles we recommend to wash the colours separately. Do not use the reviving by washing, it can decrease the absorbency. To keep the softness it is suitable to add soaking means into the washing, the water stone will not settle in the fibers. By drying in the dryer you can raise the pleasant feeling on touch. We do not recommend ironing to prevent the flattening of loops.
Never overload the washing machine – it leads to the untimely wear on edges and pulling out of the threads. If you find a pulled out loop, it is possible to cut it off without worries. It is similar in the dryer – the fibers cannot unfold, that causes hardening and the feeling of stiff cloth.
By the production of terry from 100% cotton it is possible that as the consequence of production processes the product can shrink by 15 %. From this reason we highly recommend to wash and dry the new linen twice (2x) on delicate programme by low temperatures before the use.

Tips for care of bed linen

  • New linen must be washed at low temperatures before the first use. It allows the fabric to keep its softness.
  • It is important to wash the white and colour linen separately.
  • Keep strictly the instructions on tags. Recommended temperature is very important.
  • Amount of washing powder and size of the washing machine can significantly influence appearance and lifespan of the linen. Please, follow the instructions of producer carefully.
  • Stains can be removed by means of aggressive chemicals on certain places. We recommend soaking the intensely dirty linen immediately. That allows to wash on standard washing cycle than.
  • Right temperature of mangle provides your linen with longer lifespan. To keep the proper residual dampness „the direction of mangling is also important”„ to keep the proper shape of these products.


Special finish

Crease-resistant finish
Suitable for higher quality bedclothes. The advantage of products with this finish makes their use easier. Thanks to proper treatment are these products after washing perfectly smooth, without crease and ready to next use. Products with this finish make cotton more popular as traditional, natural and pleasant material. The crease-resistant finish makes the products softer on touch and gives them elegant fall.

Smear-free finish
Suitable for tablecloths. The advantage of products – especially tablecloths – of fabrics with smear-free and water-resistant finish is their use in conditions, where regular spotting occurs more often. E.g. in households, but mainly in restaurants, cafés, wine bars, canteens, etc. This finish of tablecloths is hydrophobic and prevents the liquid to get into the tablecloth and the surface of the table. You can easily wipe or shake out the spilt liquid. The fabric gets dry faster, wears off slower and keeps longer newer look. The smear-free finish significantly reduces costs of washing and prolongs their lifespan.

Antimicrobial finish of bedclothes 
Suitable for bedclothes. They meet the highest requirement on microbial cleanness. They are convenient for places with higher occurrence of people that can cause higher risk of microorganism contamination (e.g. in hospitals, hotels, guesthouses, hostels, boarding schools, etc.).

Flame-resistant finish  
Suitable for tablecloths and terry. This finish significantly reduces the risk of burning and secure better safety in places with higher occurrence of people. (Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, sap, aircraft industries etc.).

How to choose a mattress?
To reach the healthy and undisturbed sleep it is necessary to secure high quality bed and mattress according to needs. Generally valid rules are, thatmattress should be minimally 20 cm longer than your height.

When you choose mattresses and bedclothes you should pay attention especially to their proper measuring.

We recommend natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, horsehair etc. Natural materials are more pleasant to your skin and help to keep optimal and natural conditions in your bed. Before buying of quality mattressit is important to make clear, if you prefer sleeping on your side, on back or belly. If you prefer softer or harder mattresses etc. Significant is also the temperature of air in your bedroom, ideal is the range between 17 – 21°C, proper humidity and silence.