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Technology for advertisement


Embroidering is an elegant and traditional form of branding. Towels, bath towels, bathrobes and other textile with embroidery represent authentic company gifts for clients, business partners and employees.

  • Its lifespan and esthetical value makes it better than printing.  
  • The embroidery can be ironed or boiled when washing.  
  • The fabrication of your request for production is fast and without motive limits.  
  • Embroidery is the most often used, most practical and most popular form of company branding.

Maximal dimension of machine embroidery is 30 x 25 cm, by this procedure it can be used up to 15 colorfast embroidering threads. The final price of embroidery is determined by the number of stitches (= inwrought surface) and complicatedness of motive (putting of the embroidered material into the machine).  

The smallest possible sizes of embroidered motive are limited by the length of stitches – by embroidering into terry it is approximately 5 mm high sans-serif writing.


Material: 100% cotton. The pattern is weaved in the surface of plain terry with different length of fiber. The used pattern can be one-sided or with some limitation also double-sided.
We use walk terry by the production. (Single loop). Double loop is mainly used by bath mats with higher grammage.

Minimal amount for production:
50×100 350 pc
70×140 200 pc
100×150 120 pc


Thanks to the technology of interweaving become the promotional motives a part of high quality cotton towels and bath towels. .The most often used technology is bicolor weaving, it means, that only two color shades are changed. The colour weaving allows conspicuous fabrication of motives in all surface of the terry, on the underside you find mirror reversed image of the motive weaved into the face side. By the production is used walk (single), but also double loop terry.  

We deliver to 7 weeks
Suitable for bigger amount of pieces


This technology is determined for weaving of polycoloured motives into towels and bath towels. Polycoloured motive with finer details becomes apparent in the decorative border that does not contain loops.  

We deliver to 7 weeks


Dye-sublimation printing into surface is suitable for pictures and polychrome logos. The print is colorfast also by washing on high temperatures. The motive is transferred by pressure at the temperature of 200°C „ironed smooth“ into all surface of the top polyester side of the terry towel or bath towel. The print is permanent, it keeps well, and it is colorfast.

Material: printing side 100% polyester, underside white 100% cotton